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The Plastic Patrol app is a real world tool that combines citizen science and scientific analysis to help us gather crucial insight into plastic pollution.

We are building data to conduct the world’s largest survey of inland plastic pollution, showing how small digital acts can add up to global change.

In London alone, the River Thames carries 18 tonnes of plastic into the ocean each year. With the help of volunteers all over the world contributing to the Plastic Patrol app, we are continuing to gather important insight about the health of our planet and empowering individuals to impact future global policy decisions.

Our goal is to collect and categorize at least 5 million pieces of plastic from 50 countries all over the world during 2019.  Our dedicated scientists to review and analyse that will be shared in early 2020.

So far our patrollers have logged over 100,000 pieces logged from 42 countries globally and with growing support, we’re making great progress towards our million pieces mark.

Building a

Over the last two years we have intercepted 189 tonnes of plastic waste from inland waterways before it reaches the oceans.  That is equivalent to the weight of 15 million water bottles! With your help we can continue to tackle the global plastic crisis from its source.

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