Become a recognized partner, aka PPX

We’re excited to have you join our partner network - welcome to PPX. What does PPX mean? Well, PP = Plastic Patrol, and X = you, a recognized partner.

Plastic Patrol started as a mission to fight plastic pollution on inland waterways from paddleboards. It’s grown rapidly throughout the world and we now operate across UK, Europe and USA through our team of recognized partners delivering activity based clean ups across a number of disciplines. Our partners bring like-minded people together to do something good for their wellbeing and the planet.

What are PPX clean ups?

PPX is a network of independent partners – qualified instructors and clubs – who have committed to support our mission: to clean up the planet and engage more people with activities to improve health and wellbeing.

PPX clean ups combine litter picking with almost any activity. From yoga to kayaking, parkour to paddleboarding, circuits to canoeing, the possibilities are endless – so any ideas you have, get in touch.

What do I do as a PPX partner?

As a PPX partner you are responsible for organising and running clean ups, supported by us.

A PPX clean up has three simple steps:

  • Safety briefing.
  • Activity based clean up led by PPX partner.
  • Logging all litter collected in the Plastic Patrol app with participants.

What can you expect from us?

We are committed to supporting our PPX partners and we will:

    • Recruit participants to join your clean ups via the Plastic Patrol website.
    • Promote your clean up across our social media platforms, helping raise awareness in your local area.
    • Provide Clean Up Kits to get you started.
    • Provide the resources and support you need to lead your community in the #PlasticPatrol movement.
    • Welcome you to our network of like-minded, enthusiastic and passionate volunteers.

Want to get involved? We’d love to hear from you. Click below and fill in your details – we’ll be in touch shortly to arrange a call.

Step by Step Guide

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