Plastic Map

Every single photo shared as part of #PlasticPatrol is captured in this interactive map, creating a global picture to help identify patterns and trends all over the world.

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With your help

#PlasticPatrol depends on the power of people. Our action together in numbers:

Examples of Waste Uploaded
#PlasticPatrollers Globally

How it works

We need your help to log plastic you find in your local area on our ‘plastic map’. With this data we can identify locations to take our clean up mission. We also use this to help understand the plastic problem and fuel research to make long term changes for our environment.

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Building a

Over the last two years we have intercepted 189 tons of plastic waste from inland waterways before it reaches the oceans.  That is equivalent to the weight of 15 million water bottles! With your help we can continue to tackle the global plastic crisis from its source.

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