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Activist Lizzie Carr talks to Sky News about Plastic Pollution

Lizzie Outside was interviewed in the Sky News studios about her campaigning efforts – #PlasticPatrol – in the USA and what it the issue of
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#PlasticPatrol featured in the Sunday Times

#PlasticPatrol was recently featured on the Sunday Times website.

#PlasticPatrol on the Russell Howard Show

#PlasticPatrol was recently featured on The Russell Howard Show as part of the ‘Good Deed’ section. We are thrilled by the response it received with
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#PlasticPatrol featured on ITV News

Lizzie was recently featured for #PlasticPatrol on ITV News.

#PlasticPatrol featured on Sky News

Lizzie was recently featured for #PlasticPatrol on Sky News regarding our clean up of the channel.

Building a

Over the last two years we have intercepted 189 tonnes of plastic waste from inland waterways before it reaches the oceans.  That is equivalent to the weight of 15 million water bottles! With your help we can continue to tackle the global plastic crisis from its source.

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